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Global Emissionairy is committed to pioneering sustainable solutions for a greener future. Our mission is to revolutionize the construction industry by reducing carbon emissions through the substitution of carbon-intensive materials with eco-friendly alternatives. Through innovation and collaboration, we strive to mitigate environmental impact, promote carbon neutrality, and inspire global change towards a cleaner, more sustainable planet.
Carbon Credit Projects
Global Emissionairy’s carbon projects generate Verra certified carbon offsets by recycling the roadways of the United States of America.
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Estimate Total Emissions saved from choosing cold in-place recycling (CIR), cold central plant recycling (CCPR), or full depth reclamation (FDR) using asphalt emulsions or foam-stabilized asphalt base (FSB)?

1. Material

Select the material that your company will use the most:

AE Asphalt Emulsions FSB Foam Stabilized Asphalt Base

2. Recycling Method

Select the recycling process that your company will use the most:

CIR Cold In-Place Recycling CCPR Cold Central Plant Recycling FDR Full Depth Reclamation
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How do you convert total emissions saved into a carbon credit?
The table below presents an example scenario where 90,000 metric tons (t) of foam stabilized base (FSB) asphalt is installed with cold-in-place recycling (CIR) in place of hot mix asphalt (HMA). Using an estimated value of $25 per VCU, the total VCU value from this project would be $258,000.
Emission Savings from FSB vs. HMA
Thousands of MT CO2
HMA 9,900 t
FSB 1,300 t
8,600 t-CO2
CO2 Emissions by Type
Why Partner with Us
Go Green
Cut carbon emissions
Market your green values. Demonstrate your company’s ability to reduce its carbon footprint while preparing for the creation of environmental product declarations (EPD) and life cycle analysis (LCAs). By collaborating with Global Emissionairy, your company will reinforce its commitment to the environment. Our partnership will support Paris Agreement goals to reach net zero emissions by 2050.
Generate VCU
Sell certified carbon credits
Work with Global Emissionairy to trade your earned carbon offsets on the voluntary carbon market.
Win bids that value EPDs
Global Emissionairy will work with your company to collect and create information supporting environmental product declarations (EPD) and life cycle analysis (LCA) that customers like state departments of transportation (DOTs) are increasingly requesting. Results will help your company increase efforts in combating climate change while gaining a competitive edge in an increasingly environmentally conscious marketplace.
Earn carbon credits by recycling pavement with emulsified or foamed asphalt.
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How to Generate Carbon Credits with Global Emissionairy
1 Get an Estimate chevron

Tell Global Emissionairy about projects where your company has recycled, or will recycle, pavement with emulsified or foamed asphalt.

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2 Gather Project Documents chevron

Work with Global Emissionairy to gather key project documents necessary to calculate carbon emission reductions. Global Emissionairy can work in person, online, or a combination of the two.

3 Get Verified chevron

Answer questions that Global Emissionairy, validation/verification bodies, and carbon registries may need to award carbon credits.

4 Get Paid chevron

Get paid: Sell or bank carbon credits.

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Do it again.

GE Site Visit - Photo David F. Choy
GE Site Visit - Photo David F. Choy

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